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Avtamata is your investment assistant application. Making investing easy, better, and more accessible.

Investing is the key to building wealth.

Enter a monthly investment figure and see how your money can grow over time:



Year 30


  • Investment after
  • 15 years.


  • Bank
  • 31,344,738

    After 20 years.


    After 25 years.


    After 30 years.



    Year 30

    Chart is a hypothetical comparison. Investing involves risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed.
    The calculations are based on an initial investment of 5M , with an annual interest rate set at 18.5%.

    An investment portfolio consists of stocks, bonds, and real estate.

    How much of each you should invest in depends on your age, goals, and investment duration.

    What portfolio suits your needs?

    1. Tell us a little about you.

    How much you want to invest, why you’re investing, and your preferred timing.

    2. Set up your account in minutes.

    Get started with an investing goal or general investing account and make your first deposit.

    3. Let us handle the hard stuff.

    This is where we shine. From portfolio recos to fractional share investing to guidance on tax-efficient withdrawals.

    How do I start investing with Avtamata?


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    How does Avtamata work?

    Avtamata offers you the right investment portfolio based on your financial plan, age, risk tolerance and how long you are interested in investing.According to the selected portfolio, your capital will be allocated by "AVTAMATA" and placed under your name in a securities account.From the first day you join Avtamata, you can start investing by creating a portfolio, like professional investors.

    Can a citizen living abroad register?

    Yes. You can use your email address to create an account and start investing right away.

    Where is your office located?

    Our office is located along the National Ministry of Health building, a 5 story white building right next to New Horizon glass tower. 5th floor, door 501.For personal consultation, please call 7575-7500 during work hours and make an appointment.

    How do I retract my investments?

    Write an email regarding investment retraction to [email protected] and fill out a form. You're securities will be sold within 5-10 working days and will be deposited into your bank account.

    How do I delete my Avtamata account?

    Users will have to submit a request form regarding the termination of their Avtamata account. If the user have standing investment portfolio, their securities will be sold within 5-10 working days and will be deposited into their bank account. The button below will direct you to the account termination request form.

    Start investing for a better future.

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